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Dog Training


Aimed at puppies over the age of 6 Months or dogs who are relatively new to training, this takes over where puppy class left off

Small Puppy

Offering a specialised training for any puppy up to the age of 6 Months. Puppy and Owner will be working as a team towards their Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Award

Dog Outdoors

The Silver syllabus focuses on a natural progression of the practical skills learnt from the Bronze training, and now looks towards teaching new concepts useful in everyday life

At more advanced training, level 3 builds on skills and expertise developed in the level 2; however now a larger proportion of the exercises will be carried out off lead and outdoors

One-to-one training

We also offer one-to-one training sessions tailored to suit your specific needs - get in touch to see how we can help!

Sessions start from £10.


We have a passion for the benefits of scent work and can often build a training package including this. 

Feel free to contact us for a quick consultation using our contacts page, or via the details listed below.


Open to all owners and their canine buddies; whether that’s a pedigree, cross breed,  rescue, young pup, or just the young at heart!

Our main aim is to help owners and their dogs build an awesome relationship that keeps developing, and for you to be able to get out there and have fun with with your dog in everyday life.

All our training methods are positive reward based and with small sized, friendly, fun, energetic classes that are part of the biggest national training scheme – “The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme”.


There are 4 levels of the scheme ranging from Puppy to Gold – and a national award awaits you upon successful completion of these. Along with the Good Citizen scheme, we also offer lots of fun extra training from a mixture of dog activities and our very own in house awards.

All of this is based in a nice, warm indoor venue with outside space during the warmer months.


But don’t worry if class times don't suit you and you need a more flexible approach, or you would just prefer 1 to 1 training ; we can 100% work with that too… There really is something for everyone!

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