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Level 2 is a progressive course working towards the Kennel Club Silver Award. Open to dogs that have passed their Bronze Assessment, or those working towards it but deemed at a high enough standard to start training at the next level. (To take the Silver Test you must have passed the Bronze Award test)

The Silver syllabus focuses on a natural progression of the practical skills learnt from the Bronze training, and now looks towards teaching new concepts useful in everyday life. That means we will be working on outdoor loose lead walking, recall away from a selection of doggy type distractions, constructive play, manners around food and around people, travelling in vehicles and a longer duration stay... to name but a few things. As always though, we will be mixing it up and keeping training fresh with quite a few fun off script things too as it's always good to learn a new skill.


All dogs are different and just like us learn at different rates, and only when you're ready will a test be set.

So with that in mind, the silver level is a more flexible pay as you go ongoing course.

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