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Level 3 classes are working towards the “Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold Award” which is the highest award in the scheme (To take the Gold test you must first have passed the Silver Award test). A more advanced training level 3 builds on skills and expertise developed in the level 2; however now a larger proportion of the exercises will be carried out off lead and outdoors.

The Gold syllabus contains exercises such as: emergency stop from a distance, variations of pace while walking on and off lead, recalling your dog into heel from a distance, send dog away to bed and 2 minute stay with a handler out of sight section.

Although you and your canine partner are working towards the “Kennel Club Gold Award” training will not be exclusively to this. You will find classes cover other elements from a selection of dog activities to add variety and keep things fun for both you and your dog.


All dogs are different and just like us learn at different rates, and only when you're ready will a test be set.

So with this in mind the Gold level is a more flexible pay as you go, ongoing course.

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For more information on the Kennel Club Good Citizen Schemes, please visit their website at

Course duration: Flexible
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