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THE PUPSTARS! Kennel Club Puppy

Foundation Award

Offering a specialised training for any puppy up to the age of 6 Months. Puppy and Owner will be working as a team towards their Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Award.


Confidence building and getting the right foundations in place, we will be making the most of the early socialisation period covering things like basic obedience skills, importance of play, everyday handling and grooming, walking on lead, start of a recall, plus loads more!


All training is done using kind reward based methods, so training is fun for both puppy and owner.


The Puppy Foundation is a continual assessment - you must attend at least 4 out of 6 weeks training and complete all the exercises as set by the Kennel Club to achieve the Puppy Foundation Award.

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For more information on the Kennel Club Good Citizen

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Pre-booking is required

Course duration: 6 weeks
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